The Riverside Karate Club
Call: 951.902.7355

Welcome to The Riverside Karate Club

Riverside's internationally renowned karate program, The Riverside Karate Club now offers world class traditional karate training to all those in the greater Riverside community who wish to participate.  We are located at 1760 Chicago Ave Suite J9, Riverside CA 92507 .

Traditional karate is a dynamic mind-body discipline that provides numerous tangible and aesthetic benefits to its practitioners. As 1000's of Riverside residents and millions worldwide, have learned, karate is an intense and effective method of self-defense, a rigorous total body exercise, a demanding and exacting traditional art, a philosophy of life, and an exciting competitive sport. 

I invite you to participate. Day and evening classes are held at the Riverside Karate Club year-round. Individuals and families may register in person, or by calling 951.902-.7355.

Please download our General Flier with class schedules, fees and instructor profiles!

For more information please feel free to write me at AJKA.Riverside@Gmail.com.

Best wishes, 

Kevin Warner
Director and Chief Instructor - The Riverside Karate Club 

The Riverside Karate Club is a member of the AJKA Karate Association - International. An international independent JKA Style Shotokan karate association. 
 The Riverside Karate Club  - 1760 Chicago Ave. Suite J 9 - Riverside, CA 92507
Riverside Karate Club Class Schedule

Adults: $80.00 per mo.        Kids: $65.00 per mo.   

Special Rates for 3 mos. 6mos. or 1 year  enrollment
Family Rates available for more them one family member.
(See Program Flyer for more details)
   Beginner Kids Classes
           Monday/Wed                                                          4:30pm - 5:30pm                        
           Monday/Wed                                                          5:30pm - 6:30pm  
    Beginner Adult classes  
            Monday/Wed                                                         6:30pm-7:30pm                         
     Intermediate / Advanced Classes
        Kids  Tuesday/Thursday 
        Adults Monday/Wednesday                                                7:30pm - 8:30pm                 

          Friday (Sparring  Class - All levels)                                   7:00pm - 8:30pm               
         Saturday (Kata class - All levels )                                       9:00am - 10am               

*For students currently enrolled at UC Riverside we also have a college program. Please refer to the Leisure Line program to enroll in classes at UCR.*